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Dream Factory Foundation works in the Education field.

We design & implement programs for in-school youth, and out-of-school youth, that meet their socio-economic needs, enabling them to participate meaningfully in society.

In line with the needs of today’s connected world and a burgeoning African youth population, we have a special focus on Digital Skills Training.


We are Building Africa – the Africa we want to see.

Our Approach



We give youth the knowledge and practical skills to pursue their dreams.


Through mentorship, we build leadership capacity enabling growth mindsets.


We provide access to meaningful employment.



Our leading program

The program has been recognised by South Africa’s Western Cape Department of Education as an After School Programme at targeted schools. Through a network of trained youth facilitators, we impact over 150 learners on a weekly basis.

Positive Youth Development (PYD) approach provides a useful framework for the achievement of personal and inter-personal development outcomes needed for young people to lead successful and purpose-driven lives.

The theory underlying our youth program was therefore found to be plausible and consistent with PYD literature. This indicates that our program, the #BetheDream program, which is embedded in all the other programs, have increased likelihood of achieving its expected outcomes: youth leading successful and purpose-driven lives.

Emergent Academy

A special focus on ladies

During a six month program young women of 18-25 years are trained with personal and professional development skills; vocational skills training in agriculture, computer education and digital skills; provided with tools on how to start an entrepreneurial venture and work experience through internship placements.

These young women also get the opportunity to present their business solutions to a room full of potential investors and experts in business and tech who provide critical feedback and award prizes to the best business presentations.Learn More

Digital Skills Training

Various Programs

77% of jobs will require technical skills in the next decade. Africa has the largest and youngest workforce in the world, yet currently only one percent of African children leave school with basic coding skills. This is why we collaborate with international organizations such as Google, Facebook, Airbus Foundation, as well as local organizations to train young people with basic coding, online safety and digital literacy in all our locations.

We participate in Africa Code Week every year where millions of youth in Africa are empowered with digital skills.

Where we work

South Africa

Western Cape
Kwa-zulu Natal
Eastern Cape


Dream Factory Foundation’s head office is in Cape Town, South Africa, where most operations are run from.We also run an Innovation Space in Philippi Village,  an entrepreneurial development space with a vision to integrate neighborhoods where communities can learn, work and play.

Entrepreneurs are actively encouraged to cluster and collaborate to strengthen their businesses, stimulating local entrepreneurship and creating promising economic futures within Philippi.


Jackalas 2


The Dream Factory Innovation Space in Francistown, Botswana is an innovation hub where where we #ignite, #inspire and #motivate youth in Botswana, where youth unemployment is almost at 40% .

Jackalas 2 is a village 20 minutes away from Francistown where we are piloting farm-based education. We operate a Bee Farm where we incorporate outdoor learning for school-going children, as well as practical entrepreneurship for out-of-school youth.

Rest of Africa



Since 2019, we have been running workshops with link-minded partners in other nations across Africa promoting digital skills training for both out-of-school and in-school youth. These workshops have already impacted over 500 young people and we are set to impacting even more every year.


The Dodigi Program

Inviting female business owners in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Botswana to pitch their business.

Stand a chance to win up to R10 000 cash prize, access to the DoDigi acceleration program and regional visibility

Eligible: 18 - 40 years          Closing Date: 30 June 2022


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